A stylish central London venue with stunning Thames views.

A central London venue which combines both period featured rooms with contemporary designs, creating a phenomenal event venue.

One Horse Guards is a Grade II listed building, just a stone’s throw away from Whitehall. The venue has impressive views of the Thames and iconic London landmarks, such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.


Theatre Style 100

Conference Table 90

Standing Reception 110

One Horse Guards Library

Venue History​

In March 1884, a property speculator named Jonathan Carr owned a 95-year lease on a piece of land which overlooked the Victoria Embankment. The location of the site was perfect and well within walking distance of a variety of government buildings at Whitehall.

During the time period where Carr had developed the land, he was one of London’s most successful developers.

Jonathan Carr envisioned an enormous apartment block, which London had never seen before. The apartment block was built in the French Renaissance style and it measures to a height of 100ft and runs 600ft along the edge of the Embankment Gardens.

The extraordinary venue which had been built would be named Whitehall Court, in which One Horse Guards resides today.

Venue Overview

Inside of One Horseguards there is an impressive event space perfect for reception drinks to welcome guests. Once guests have been greeted and welcomed, they can continue to be amazed by One Horseguards after being taken to The Whitehall Suite located on the ground floor and the upstairs Jubilee Suite.

Both the Whitehall Suite and the Jubilee Suite have three different rooms located into each of them, all of which boasts its own individual style.

One Horse Guards

One Horse Guards contains two suites inside, whilst also providing an outside terrace for the hotter seasons.

​Whitehall Suite

The Whitehall Suite is located on the ground floor nearer the East side of the venue. The suite includes three rooms, all of which connect with each other and are filled with natural daylight.

The main room inside of the suite features a 300 year-old marble fireplace and can accommodate for a maximum of 90 guests when seated or 100 for a threatre style conference.

The Drawing Room and the Library are the two connecting rooms which are brilliant to act as break out rooms.

Jubilee Suite

Similarly to The Whitehall Suite, The Jubilee Suite features three separate rooms within it, each of which have their own styles. From the glass fronted Renaissance Room to the wooden Oak Room and lastly the Jubilee Room itself and Terrace which has superb views of the River Thames.


The Terrace provides guests with break taking views of the City, from the London Eye to the River Thames, adding that extra appeal onto One Horseguards. The Terrace is able to accommodate up to 80 guests standing, making it a great space for casual drinks throughout the event.


One Horse Guards, 1 Horse Guards Avenue, London SW1A 2HU, United Kingdom