Create are proud to be supporting The Last Straw - The Evening Standard's campaign to end the wasteful use of single-use plastic straws.

By joining The Last Straw campaign Create have committed to help end the use of single-use plastic straws. switching to alternatives that are kinder on the planet. As a company, we pledge to stop serving single-use straws, with green alternatives only available on request.


‘Some two billion are thought to be thrown away each year in our city — as many as in the whole of Italy — making London the plastic straw capital of Europe. They would have a combined weight of 1,000 tonnes, equivalent to three fully laden jumbo jets.’

The Evening Standard 


These green alternatives straws don’t cost any more to supply – less than 1p per straw in fact – but they biodegrade in 12 weeks. These will include compostable “bio-plastics” derived from corn starch or multi-use straws made of paper, metal or bamboo.


Barry Vera, our Managing Director said:

“We served over 100,000 single-use straws at our events in 2017 which amounts to a staggering 160kg of plastic waste – a fact that does not sit pretty with my team and I.  By making this small change to our daily operations we are taking the next step in reducing the volume of waste we produce which will ultimately benefit our environment and surrounding wildlife.”


If you have any questions or queries, contact us or find out more on the Last Straw campaign here