Christmas is the season of feasting, so it’ll come as no surprise that it’s one of our favourite times of the year!

Last Christmas we spent the month of December catering at parties across London, serving no less than 220,000 plates of food over the Christmas party season.


The longest duration Create spent on site for a single event was 57 consecutive hours, which is enough time to fly to Spain 25 times/ walk to Paris.

Our guests got through 2,978 Red Bull cans, which when stacked on top of each other, is four times the size of Big Ben!

Christmas with Create


Our guests got through 80,760 shots of spirits, 45,309 bottles of wine, 80,240 bottles of beer. Which is a grand total of 638,162 units of alcohol.

Christmas Events with Create


We had 6568 staff to help us along the way, who have a combined age of 153,233 years old.

Our 6568 staff, combined, walked a total of 39,408 KM at our events, which is the same as walking around the world, which would take the average human 20 million steps and several years

Christmas with Create


Our kitchen prep, cooked and served 114 tonnes worth of food, the same weight as a grown Blue Whale.

Christmas Events with Create



We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings; we’ve got some great summer party menus to prepare for and then it will be Christmas before we know it!


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