When the evenings get darker and there’s a chill in the air, you know it’s time to warm up with heartier, more comforting food.

Seasonal ingredients at this time of the year give our chefs great opportunities to design and create great new menus, taking full advantage of the new harvest of seasonal ingredients, bursting with intense flavour. Examples include braised dishes, roasted meats and beautiful root vegetables, from parsnips and artichokes to winter squash.

As always, our winter menus are designed to allow these delicious wintry ingredients to shine through, whilst giving priority to local, fair trade and sustainable suppliers.

Below is a selection of dishes from our new autumn/winter menus. Our team of Party Creators would be delighted to answer any questions on the new menus should you have them.


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Soft Shell Crab

Aerated sweet corn soup, crispy soft shell crab, aromatic caramel, miso

Sous Vide Salmon

Slow cooked salmon, oyster velouté, puffed rice, soy and maple

Aged Beef

Short rib of beef, smoked bone marrow, pickled turnip, onion sauce

Sweet Lamb

Lamb chops, miso caramel, chive and pickled lemon, calamansi lime, maple dressing

BBQ Cauliflower (V)

Charred cauliflower, roast garlic, chilli and maple puree, crispy capers, piccalilli




Roasted cod, Jerusalem artichoke puree, smoked fish cream, parsley oil


Pot roast Pollack, charred braised leeks, sautéed pink fir potatoes, Kombu, caviar

Goosnargh Duck

Roasted Goosnargh duck breast, charred broccoli, squash ketchup, blackcurrant and brown butter sauce

Pork and Apple

Confit pigs cheek, cider and onions, apple and sherry caramel, roasted pine nut puree

Leeks and Goats Cheese (V)

Charred leeks, parmesan, onion truffle sauce, fresh goats curd



Rice Pudding

“Rice pudding”, Bramley apple, Arlette pastry, wood sorrel granite

Chocolate and Lime

Manjari chocolate, popcorn ice cream, peanut tuile, lime and yoghurt mousse

Apple and Toffee

Cox apple terrine, spiced caramel, buttermilk custard and verjus granite

Malted Milk

Earl grey tea mousse, plum jam, almond and banana granola, Horlicks ice cream