Create offers gourmet street food for all types of events and weddings.

Our kitchen team is made up of talented chefs from many culinary backgrounds,

providing a diverse range of street food offerings.

With excellent service, exceptional planning and event management coupled with bespoke street food menus, we strive to create unforgettable experiences.

Whether your event is indoors or outside, we can provide an authentic street experince

enhanced by unique and creative styling. 


Favourite street food menus include;

American mac and cheese bowls


BBQ Pulled Jackfruit


Rainbow Slaw Wrap


Coconut & Turmeric Pancakes   


Asian Pickled Vegetables, Marinated Tempeh


Katsu fish burger

Charcoal brioche, Japanese curry mayo, lollo bianco


Fried ‘Vegan Chicken’, Aromatic Spiced Coating


To find out more about our street food events or to add an element of street food to your next event,

contact our sales team on 020 8944 4900.