If you are planning a picnic party, we are here to help.

Childhood memories of sandy sandwiches or dry scotch eggs may not seem very glamorous. But,the traditional picnic always used to be fashionable affair. The French started the modern fashion for picnic catering when they opened their royal parks to the public after the revolution of 1789. In the year 2000, the tradition was still going strong when a 600-mile-long picnic took place in France on July 14 to celebrate the first Bastille Day of the new millennium.

Whether you’re putting on a spread for a corporate day out or for a family function, we can turn the notches up on your previous picnic catering standards. Summer time sunshine is never complete without one of our sublime Create picnics. With the backing of The Concerto Group we have the financial backing and people power to put on celebratory or company picnics that will kick your soggy sandwiches to the curb.

Our expert chefs can conjure up glamourous canapées with bottles of fizz while you watch the day go by. We can put on a posh spread with cold meats and wines, or a more traditional meal of sandwiches and finger food. Whatever you opt for we can promise that our picnic catering menus are guaranteed to make the atmosphere sunny, even if it rains.