When it comes to menu design, we pride ourselves on the imaginative expertise of our culinary team. Our Executive Chef, Richard Hobdell, leads an incredible team who love to produce amazing and unforgettable food, establishing a reputation for pushing the boundaries of event and bespoke catering.

Whether the menu is simple, modern, elegant, fusion, comforting or cutting edge we can design the dishes to suit our clients needs, whilst sourcing only the highest quality seasonal ingredients to create vibrant and exciting culinary delights.


It has become important to us that our menus resonate with our clients on a personal level and the food holds an emotional attachment. We can aid and trigger this by bringing back memories of nostalgic foods from childhood memories or special moments from the past. We often give these a modern twist by revisiting and reinventing the historic methods used to produce these delights.


By trying to create a more individual and emotional experience for our clients and guests, we’ve noticed that more clients are wanting food and dishes that are special to them and have a higher personal meaning.


As food trends go, some have had their time. Pop-ups are on the slowdown, foraged herbs and leaves are now everyday produce and café culture is levelled. So in comes the return of seasonal dining and the use of luxury products, which is great for us as it allows us to really make the most of our creativity. Everyone is more clued up on food and produce so a more adventurous diner has emerged, expecting amazing presentation and delicious dishes from start to finish.


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