The famous American celebrity chef, Paul Prudhomme, was once quoted saying, “you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

Paul definitely has a point, but fortunately we are rolling in silver forks so you can have your cake and eat it (elegantly). Fork buffet has gained popularity as the fancier big sister of finger food. It’s for those guests who don’t want to get their hands dirty. While canapes and buffets have a relaxed feel that allow social butterflies to work the room, fork buffet adds an element of sophistication.

We can offer all of our clients the finest chefs in the business, who will serve up dish after dish of delicacies, with food that will keep guests talking long after the event. Hot fork buffet catering can give guests a whirl around the world in one evening, as we dazzle with dishes from India to New Orleans.

We can refine the menu to suit themed parties or to fit your venue or occasion. Our team of fantastic foodies can put together a carefully selected menu, or you can come and enjoy a dreamy tasting session. Every dish is so delicious though, we don’t recommend it for the indecisive!