Food is much more than a basic necessity of life. It is an artform in itself.

Some dishes are conceived through lengthy procedures, whose optimum taste comes only when cooked in a certain way; a beautiful complexity. Other very simple dishes manage to encompass millions of tastes in one mouthful. But, it is important to understand that food is not just about taste. It also charms the eyes, nose, tongue, touch and, sometimes, even the ears when you’re next to a sizzling kitchen. Food, in its own interpretation, appeals to all the five senses.

It is fundamental therefore that you don’t dismiss finger buffet. Cultures for centuries have embraced the practice of eating together and eating with their hands. At Create,we proudly uphold these traditions with some the most sublime tastes of the century. We agonise over our dishes so that you and your guests can enjoy unforgettable delights through all of your senses.

Finger buffets create the perfect relaxed atmosphere at conferences, family celebrations or office parties.. Guests can indulge in catering from around the world, and kids can make a mess with their maringues. Our sommeliers can also be on hand to make sure the wine is just right to get the conversation flowing and break the ice.