Canapés are the perfect way to create the ultimate first impression.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food, according to George Bernard Shaw. If you agree with the old playwright, then Create can ensure you will find true love in our menus of delicious morsels. With a universe of incredible dishes, it is sometimes hard to decide which one you love best, so our canapés catering can take that weight off your shoulders, giving guests a taste of everything. They can be the perfect start to to make your guests feel welcome at any drinks reception or party. Canapés catering is also a wonderful introduction to the food which will be offered later at an event, taking your guests on a culinary adventure.

Our highly sought-after chefs use flair and imagination, coupled with the best fresh ingredients, to produce unusual canapés that are bursting with flavour and colour, to the delight of our guests. Whether you want dry-aged beef for a few close friends or to feed the five thousand with avocado and lemon panna cotta, we can do that for you. Thankfully, at Create we are used to canapés catering for parties of all sizes and have an army of the best chefs, hosts and waiters on speed dial.

Before embarking on your mouthwatering party plans, it may be best to consider what role you want the canapés to fill. For example, is this just an aperitif before a three-course meal? If so you may want to only offer savoury canapés. Is there a theme to your event? Perhaps you could chose a canapé menu that matches your theme, whether it is a certain nationality, colour or time in history.