Us Brits have one cherished ritual that sets us apart from other nations.

It is our love of tea, particularly in the afternoons, that we believe makes us unique. No wonder our grandparents all have stiff upper lips after lifetimes of sipping on Earl Grey.

However, despite our long love affair with brews, afternoon tea didn’t become a formal affair until Queen Victoria adopted the habit. Her caffeine kicks quickly evolved into ‘tea receptions’ where up to 200 guests could visit anytime between 4-7pm. That’s an awful lot of tea, but who can blame her?

At Create we see no reason to break with tradition. We have been hosting afternoon tea catering fit for royalty for years. Guests and tea leaves alike have been warmed and refreshed by our catering across the country. Create can cheer up any old bag with our scrumptious arrays of sandwiches, creative cakes and mouth watering macaroons.

Whether you want high tea, low tea or something in the middle, you have come to the right place. We have hosted afternoon tea parties in prestigious venues across London. You can set the world to rights over a cup of rosie lee in The Garden Room at Syon Park. Attendees can bond over jam and scones in historic Middle Temple Hall or natter over maringues at One Mayfair. We take pleasure in tailoring afternoon tea catering specifically for you.