Meet Cat, our new Senior Event Sales Manager at Create.

Originally from the ‘World’s Happy Capital’ Denmark and she’s been living and working in events for the last seven years.


Meet Cat Bjoernholt, Our New Event Sales Manager


When asked about her favourite events she said ‘any wedding she’s ever planned’ and a big themed Summer Party for a London Bar Association earlier this year complete with food stalls, speciality bars and decoration galore! What more could you want!?


Cat refers to herself as a certified foodie. She LOVES food; eating it, cooking it and looking at it. We can safely say she fits in perfectly at Create!

Going to speciality shops and food markets, cooking complex and exciting meals from scratch and playing host is what she loves most; it’s where and when she feels most comfortable and content.

Her favourite eatery in London at the moment is Mr. Greek’s Food stall at Greenwich Market – the simplicity, comfort and fresh produce of the delicious gyros is divine. YUM

Cat enjoys anything from a cold pint at the pub on Sundays watching her beloved Liverpool playing to a sophisticated evening with glass of Malbec, enjoying the view from the top of the Shard.


So that’s Cat, she says that this is ‘truly a dream come true’ and can’t wait to sink her teeth into all the events at Create as well as visit all the beautiful venues on our list.


One little extra fact about Cat… she claims to eat an obscene amount of salt liquorice


She looks forward to meeting you all on events. Make sure you say hi!