Edible Wedding favours are both a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds and make the big day even more special.

Today’s weddings have an even greater focus on the little decorative details which are displayed to guests during the reception. Little details like wedding favours help create a more personal wedding for the bride and groom, as this is their chance to make it their own. However, many favours are often overlooked or even left behind by the guests. Therefore, to avoid this waste, why not opt for edible wedding favours? They’re much less likely to go to waste and can be enjoyed on the day.


Infused Olive Oils

Infused olive oils although may appear to be an unusual present to give to guests at a wedding, they are one of those little indulgences that most people wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, making them a perfect favour.




Turn a traditional bar of chocolate into an incredible custom candy. Chocolate is a perfect wedding favour as it’s enjoyed by so many people. Chocolate also gives you different options to suit yours and your guest’s preferences.

Choose from white, milk, dark, or bittersweet chocolate, or even create your own blend. In addition, it is also extremely easy to personalise and make it your own, for instance personalise the slab with a design or words of your choice.


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Baked Goods

Of course the bride and groom don’t want their special day to end, so they might opt to give guests a reminder of the day to take home with them. Although it is nice to have edible favours to be enjoyed at the wedding, some may prefer to enjoy these in their homes, particularly as guests are often already so full by the end of the night.

Baked goods are perfect for this, as they can be presented beautifully and given to guests to end the night on a sweet note.


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A Seasonal Treat

Nothing fits a wedding better than providing favours which reflect the season in which the wedding is taking place in – this could be mini apple pies in Autumn or strawberry jam in the summer.

With the help of local baking shops and various caterers, it is now even possible for those who are beginners or not confident in the kitchen to have these delights at the big day.  Make the favour yours by adding a personalised tag or custom packaging.



Totally Pickled

Whether you love them or hate them, pickles are a big new food craze this year! You can brine just about anything, – from mushrooms and other vegetables to beans. Make this even better by opting for cute jars and custom tags to go with them, and personalise them in whichever way you like.


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S’more of That

Be more creative with your wedding favours with these traditional campfire treats, perfect for guests to enjoy after the wedding or even before, – if you’re thinking of including a fire pit in your celebrations.

Include all the vital ingredients and more to make these even more delicious – and of course include a custom tag.



Hot chocolate mix

Wedding favours which include ingredients for guests to make, rather than food which is already ready to eat, are sometimes appreciated a lot more, as these makes guests feel important to the bride and groom. Hot chocolate is a perfect example, especially for weddings which are taking place in colder months.

Fill the jars with additional ingredients such as marshmallows and chocolate chunks to create the tastiest hot chocolate mix.


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Personalised Drinks

Make your guests’ gifts even more special to them and give them a personalised glass flask or cup and fill allow them to fill it with whatever drink they wish to consume.



Cotton Candy

Cotton candy isn’t just for kids. It brings huge enjoyment for guests at weddings, especially as it can contain a variety of flavours, from salted caramel to lemongrass. Cotton candy today is easily accessible from caterers who are happy to provide the spun sugar treats to sweeten up your big day.


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Morning-after breakfast box

During wedding receptions there is a lot of food and drink already being offered to guests, therefore why not considered creating a wedding favour that they’d appreciate the next day.

A prime example being a ‘morning-after breakfast box’, including hand-cut biscuits and homemade jam and different flavoured tea bags. You could even include paracetamol and water to heal those sore heads.


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Edible flowerpots

One of the many brilliant things about baking is that it can create the most outrageous and exciting edible favours, including these edible flowerpots which are perfect for more rustic themed garden weddings. To create the best possible edible flowerpots, use a good quality chocolate cake recipe or even use a rich chocolate mousse.

The choice of the edible flower if you want the plants to hold well – Tagetes and Dianthus are particularly good for this.


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Creative Cookies

If you want to be creative but want to produce something a bit easier to eat then cookies may be the way forward for you. Find an idea of what you would like to make and bake your cookies to fit the idea.

This is the perfect way to show off your personality and traits which can be very comical, a previous example has been cookie shaped french fries which are accompanied by ‘condiments’ such as salted caramel or chocolate for dipping.


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Mini Sweet machines

Target your guests’ inner child with cute mini sweet machines – this will also allow you to stay within your colour scheme as the colours of the sweets can be chosen by you to match.



Midnight snacks

Be sure to keep your family and friends fuelled well into the after party with a midnight snack, from bitesize watermelon sticks to miniature milkshakes, your guests will absolutely love the treat. Either set up a station near the dance floor or have waiters serve the goodies to your guests.



Personalised Mints

With a full day of indulging, the best option for your guests may not be to continue to feed them but to provide them with light mints. These are elegant and fun party favours which will be greatly appreciated by everyone.


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So what favours will your decide to give our to your guests at your wedding? Whatever your decision, be sure to give your guests something that appeals to all of their senses – what better way is there to do this than with beautifully presented, tasty edible wedding favours!