Here are a few behind the scenes photos from our most recent photo shoot.

Last month we teamed up with our favourite food photographer David Griffen to shoot our Autumn/Winter menu.


Over the course of the day our chefs produced over 60 different dishes to be photographed in our tasting room.


Here are a few little snippets from the day.


photo-12-10-2016-15-30-22-1 photo-12-10-2016-11-55-38

photo-12-10-2016-13-43-08 photo-12-10-2016-13-47-27 photo-12-10-2016-14-29-47



Looking to improve your food photography? David’s given us his top tips


The fist decision to make is about lighting and exposure – where is the lighting coming from, can you move your position to take advantage of it? Can you move the subject?


The ideal lighting scenario is during the day, using available light. For food it helps to turn off or block any indoor / artificial lighting. Set up on a table that is by a window, but not in direct sunlight as this creates high contrast images and will give your problems with exposure.


This lighting scenario works well because the light is moving across the subject, and will reveal the textures and colours well.


Sometimes you may be able to use a reflector to bounce light back into the shadow areas created by the directional window light.


Composition is next, think in terms of squares and thirds – remember to use the grid on your phone to help with composition.


Most mobiles have a wide lens, equivalent to about 28mm, what this means is you need to hold the phone quite close to the food to get a pleasing composition – your aim here is to shoot the food, not necessarily the table setting.



Here are a few of our favourite photos from the shoot.


2016-10-12_create-food_david-griffen-7714 2016-10-12_create-food_david-griffen-7707


2016-10-12_create-food_david-griffen-7761 2016-10-12_create-food_david-griffen-7696


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