Halloween is just around the corner so bring on the cobwebs, pumpkins and black lace and prepare for a spooky night with this ‘Gothic Halloween’ theme.

Our Head of Creativity, Gemma has some inspiring ideas for spine-tingling snacks and decadent drinks this October. Follow our tips and you’ll have a Gothic Banquet Wednesday Addams would be proud of.


Taking inspiration from Tim Burton’s gothic imagination here is how to turn your event into a living ‘Gothic Halloween’ nightmare…





Victorian Gothic Banquet

Rich black velvet is over-laid with delicate black lace. Old dusty books and tarnished silver cake stands act as risers and lengths of ivy intertwine everything. The station is laden with different types of cheese, served with deep red grapes, juicy ripe figs & blood red pomegranates. Large joints of meat sit on wooden blocks ready for guests to carve, and intricately decorated mini ‘game’ pies will sit alongside.


Black Dessert Station

Turning desserts on their head, everything on this station is deliciously edible, but deathly black. On black sequined linen this station is filled with towering, wobbling black ‘victorian’ jellys, bite sized black macaroons, deep red velvet cakes iced with black buttercream roses, apples covered in sticky black toffee and jars of black sesame ice cream.





The Sleepy Hollow

Absinthe infused with smoked rosemary, mezcal & bitters over ice with a rosemary sprig


The Corpse Bride

Gin, St Germain, Curacao & lemon juice served in a martini glass




If you are going gothic for a party you need to think skulls, taxidermy & macabre. Imposing black pedestal birdcages filled with dripping church candles at the venue entrance, piles of black & white pumpkins, a mantelpiece lined with taxidermy filled bell jars, the banqueting table’s centre decorated with iron candelabra, hundreds of taper candles, china skulls filled with deep red & plum coloured florals and food served on white china painted with black skeletons.


If you’d like Gemma to inject a little of her unique creativity into your event and  take it to the next level with some beautiful styling contact us today.