One of the most powerful tools you could have under your event planning belt is the element of surprise.

In fact, surprises are proven to be the best way to engage a crowd and create a memorable event, and who doesn’t want their attendees to remember their event? The best way to do this is by upgrading some of your event elements. Below are a few ways to make your next event stand out.




More often than not, events are remembered for their food. The logistics involved in feeding a large crowd can be frightening, but with theright planning, and the right team by your side, no one is going to go hungry. Create works with the best suppliers in London to provide perfect events and our chefs excel at producing unique and tailored menus for our clients.

A big advantage of hiring a professional catering company is that our team will handle everything from sourcing the food, to preparing it, and serving it. Another benefit is that we will ensure we cater for the correct number of people attending the event. Once you have discussed your event and guest list with your event planner, they can create incredible menus and memorable elements for you, such as a delectable Amuse Bouche course, artisan after dinner coffee, or even a fantastical food station or two. Just imagine your guests’ delight when they head over to the edible pudding garden station! Create takes care of all the details so you can get on with the task of hosting your event.




Choosing the right decorations, centerpieces, and crockery for your event is an important part of the planning process. There are loads of things you can use for decorations, but the key is getting it right for the occasion. An event management team can help you pick the most beautiful floral arrangements for your tables, along with sequined linen for your wedding reception, or supersized illuminated letters and neon signs for your corporate function. The bar is always a favourite hangout at a gathering, so why not upgrade to a striking unit with bespoke finishes, fit for your event?



Do you think that guests notice creativity in events 2

Speaking of the bar, the drinks, like the food, can make or break your event. Whether you are hosting a corporate gathering, 21st birthday, or a wedding, you will want to ensure nobody goes thirsty. Why not upgrade to a specialist mixologist who will keep guests entertained with their antics? Go a few steps further and include the likes of English Sparkling Wine from Nyetimber at your canape reception, or indulge guests in a dinner wine matching with Richard Household. For something completely different, serve guests fun POP’s alcoholic ice-cycles!



No event is complete without presenting guests with a token of your appreciation for their attendance. Ditch the sugar almonds or cigars and try something completely unique, like a Hangover pic ‘n mix station at the exit so guests can grab a gift bag full of sweets, crisps, headache tablets, and maybe even a bottle of Berocca on their way out. Dessert stations are also an excellent way for guests to leave with sweet memories of your function.


Bin the traditional elements and upgrade for your next special occasion! Get in touch with our team to find out all about the upgrades we offer.