Time to celebrate the sunshine!

This month we’re combining our passion for seasonal produce with our love of Cocktails! For us June is all about the deliciously tart Gooseberry and this Julep recipe is perfection personified!

Gin seems to have become a national obsession over the last few years so of course we’ve made our own Gooseberry Gin for this cocktail – a nice summery alternative to the classic sloe gin.



Gooseberry Gin

450g gooseberries (open freeze these in advance)
225g caster sugar
1000ml gin

Place the frozen berries in a large sterilised preserving jar and leave to defrost.

Once defrosted, add the sugar and gin to the jar. Seal the jar and give it a vigorous shake to make sure its thoroughly mixed.

Shake the jar once a day until all the sugar crystals have dissolved.

Leave somewhere cool for 8 weeks to blend. Strain the gooseberries and transfer to a bottle, ready for drinking!


Cocktail of The Month | The Gooseberry Gin Julep | Create Food

The Gooseberry Gin Julep

60ml Gooseberry gin
20ml Elderflower Cordial
8 x mint leaves

Muddle the mint leaves and cordial together then top with plenty of crushed ice

Pour your gooseberry gin over the ice and stir thoroughly.

Top with addition ice and garnish with some mint leaves




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