Time to celebrate the sunshine!

For the last five years the Temperate House at Kew Gardens has been under construction, to celebrate it reopening this month what better way than with a martini with a gin that uses botanicals from the garden itself. The Temperate House is large enough to hold three Boeing 747s, that’s around 5,175,000 Garden Martinis.

The fresh botanical flavours from uniquely harvested seasonal flora work with the herbaceous notes from the basil liqueur and the homemade strawberry and black pepper syrup. Once these ingredients have been vigorously shaken and strained, this smooth martini is a perfect way to end a summery trip to see this iconic London venue.



The Garden Martini

Kew Garden Gin
30ml St. Germain
30ml Strawberry and Cracked Black Pepper Syrup (Homemade)
30ml Basil Liqueur
Lemon Juice

Pour a generous slug of Kew Organic Gin, the St. Germain, syrup and liqueur into a Boston shaker, with a dash of lemon juice and plenty of ice.

Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with some freshly picked basil and a pinch of pepper.


Cocktail of the Month: The Garden Martini | Create Food


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