Easter is nearly upon us so here is our seasonal cocktail to celebrate... The Host Cross Bun Martini

For those of you who have bravely given up alcohol for lent (we salute you), use the time wisely and pop some sultanas in a bottle of vodka, leave it to rest for the rest of Lent, occasionally stirring.

When it comes to the 31st of March, it’s time to make yourself a martini to celebrate and what better way than with a hot cross bun martini.


The Hot Cross Bun Martini

Sultana infused vodka (spend lent infusing it)


Orange Zest

Mixed Citrus Peel

Cinnamon Syrup

Belsazar Vermouth

image via Little Sugar Snaps


Chill a martini glass while you mix up this Easter treat. Take a generous measure of your sultana infused vodka, add a shot of calvados a teaspoon of orange zest and a pinch of mixed dried citrus peel, a measure of Belsazar Red Vermouth and a hint of cinnamon syrup. Garnish you pre-chilled martini glass with brown sugar. Shake this up and then use a tea strainer to pour into your glass.

This lovely warming martini is perfect with a freshly baked mini hot cross bun ( you will have worked up a little appetite with all that shaking).

The ideal tipple to get you ready for Easter weekend.


Why not make your own Hot Cross Buns while you’re at it and really wow your friends and family.


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