December is always a whirlwind of festive celebrations, delicious food and total indulgence – it’s no wonder they call it the most wonderful time of the year!

But for event planners, the month of December can prove problematic. In the lead up to Christmas, it’s almost impossible to find a date that suits everyone. As a result of the increased demand, venues and event suppliers tend to be at their most expensive too. So, why not try something different this winter?


Celebrating Christmas with a huge party in January is a great way to kick off the New Year in style. It can also save you a fortune, and drastically improve one of the bleakest months of the year! Here are five reasons to think about celebrating Christmas in January.


You’ll Be Able To Take Your Pick From Amazing Venues

London’s top venues get booked up months in advance, so if you’re hoping to book one of the city’s favourite event spaces you might be out of luck. In January venues are much quieter, so you’ll have your pick of dates, including those very popular Thursday nights.


Your Guests Are More Likely To Be Available

People are busy in December. There are parties, family events, Christmas plans and holidays to think about. So, it’s always a struggle to find a December date that works for everyone. This becomes much easier if you’re picking from January dates – chances are, everyone you want to be there will be.


It’s Cheaper

If you choose January for your festive celebrations, you’ll be able to get much more for your money! Not only will your venue hire be much cheaper, you’ll also save on your catering, drinks, entertainment and much more. So, you can create an epic party – for far less money.


and most importantly…


It’s A Great Way To Start The New Year

Starting the New Year with a big party is a great morale booster. You’ll give your staff and colleagues something great to look forward to and banish those January blues for good! Turns out, a big party is just what you need in January!



Thinking of celebrating Christmas in January? Contact our talented team of Event Managers; they’re here to bring your January Christmas party to life!