Create’s Head of Creativity, Gemma Banks gives us an insight into the world of bespoke event planning with her latest Dream Dinners articles. This design is inspired by its setting at London’s prestigious Royal Horticultural Halls.

When it came to dreaming up the fourth dream dinner in the series for the Royal Horticultural Halls, Gemma took inspiration from its association with the Royal Horticultural Society and the incredible botanic artwork exhibitions it has housed over the years.



The Invitation


To detail the time and place of this cocktails and canapés event, guests will receive a handmade invite, beautifully decorated with vintage floral prints and containing a delicate pressed flower.



On Arrival


When guests arrive at Lindley Hall the entrance way is flanked by a large jasmine archway, intertwined with twinkling lights. Once inside their journey into a botanic world begins.

The foyer area is soft under foot with sage green carpets. Hanging wisteria creates a colourful canopy overhead. As guests pass through the door into Lindley Hall they discover that the large space is divided and they find themselves in a Botanic Boudoir Gin Bar.



The Botanic Boudoir Gin Bar


Complementing the wisteria, a striking purple bar is the central focus, behind which sit two vintage armoires filled with botanic filled jars and bottles. Guests are invited to choose from a collection of bespoke ‘plant-power’ cocktails such as:


– Scented Geranium Gin and Raspberry Sour

– Garden Fling – Gin, Bergamot Syrup, Celery Bitters, Mint and Cucumber Water



Small clusters of velvet seating and low level tables give guests somewhere to relax and they can even help themselves to drinks from a number of fully stocked cocktail trolleys.

Having had time to enjoy their arrival drink guests are invited to move into the second space in the hall, and they are further immersed in the botanic experience.

The Dining Space


The space is bright and light and a bluebell lined bark covered path winds down the middle of the hall. On either side of the path hang floor to ceiling voile panels, printed with botanical illustrations from the RHS archives. Between the panels hang hundreds of strings of scented florals from the arched metal beams.

Guests are encouraged to wander amongst the panels and florals. As they wander they pick up the faint sounds and scents of a summers evening – bird song, wind in the grass, night jasmine and honeysuckle.

It is during their wandering that they also happen upon delightfully decorated tables on which they find all sorts of canapé-sized edible treats.

– Mini glass greenhouses filled with intricate canapes

– Garden shelving laden with tapas plates of dishes using foraged ingredient

– Glass planters of edible vegetable patches

– Vintage bell jars housing edible succulents



Having revelled in discovering Create’s delicious food and enjoying the stunning surroundings the evening starts to draw to a close. Dusks sets in, the light in the hall fades and a large summer setting sun is projected onto one of the walls.

As the guests make their way back through the hall they are wished a pleasant journey by staff handing them peach Bellini and edible flower popsicles.



For further inspiration, you can view our full view our full Botanical Themed Dream Dinner board below.



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