Food Stalls at the Natural History Museum

The brief was that guests were to be allowed to 'explore' the space with a different look and feel in each of the three main event spaces.

In Waterhouse Way guests walked under a canopy of imposing palms with verdant vegetation lining the walls. With the squawk of parrots and tropical mist in the air, the space was completely transformed. A range of Vietnamese dishes were served to guests as they lounged on oversized hot pink chesterfield sofas.

In Central Hall, there was a definite chilled out vibe. White leather and chrome furniture framed the dinosaur and against a backdrop of red organza, hurricane lamps of seasonal cranberries flickered on funky polished acrylic poseur tables. As live acid jazz played in the background, a VJ set the scene with powerful natural images. Guests were treated to a variety of food stations that were located in the arches around the Hall: dim sum and miniature oriental desserts served from black lacquer verrine stands, hand carved proscuitto and glass stands of smoked mozzarella and tapas served in miniature casserole dishes.

In stark contrast to the tropical Waterhouse Way, Gallery 20 was a more serene affair. Lit in icy blues, the area was lined with ice sculptures positioned on acrylic plinths, which led to a stage of live ice carving. Guests were met with ice shot glasses of flavoured vodka and ice bars served freshly sliced smoked and beetroot and vodka cured salmon.
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